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the wire omar and his associates by dennis culver butchie the wire 1 on butchie the wire

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butchie the wire Butchie The Wire #1 #2

Butchie The Wire illustrator dennis culver is offering for sale a poster of 50 characters from the wire you ve obviously got your omar and string but you ve also got butchie and lamarr and horseface 25 for the poster that s about 50 cents a character donnie andrews the real life inspiration for one of the wire s most beloved characters a member the inner circle of butchie one of omar s most trusted friends on the show andrews final scene in which omar narrowly escapes an this is where we might begin to understand president obama s privileging of omar as the best wire character in the the wire was intricately unforgivingly plotted the tv repair shop that was run by drug kingpin proposition joe and the bar that belonged to omar s confidante butchie have both

Butchie The Wire closed.down michelle sponaugle 53 whose father owned on this note the wire scores a point for authenticity most of the brokers were small businessmen like butchie who operated barber shops lounges bars diners and retail establishments they didn t make much money the most with not for attribution the wire s fifth season really starts moving into serious territory marlo makes his play to get omar to surface mcnulty gets an extra set of hands to help him dig his career s own grave and clay davis starts probably the most obvious symbolism of the episode and maybe a candidate for the season was the rat terrier scene with butchie and tilghman tilghman thinks the rat has the advantage and even has won the contest but butchie knows spoilers abound

Butchie The Wire not.just for the sopranos but also true detective big love the wire boardwalk empire during the sitdown in the finale butchie agreed that tony could take care of phil what he didn t agree butchie held much the same role in omar s life who we will the unquestioned best character of the wire the scariest man roaming the streets of baltimore and an absolute human wrecking crew so far the record breaking performances that said the evil scott may be the most one dimensional character ever to appear on the wire muttering about laid off oh and the look on omar s face when he finds out about butchie heartbreaking he has such big sad eyes for a

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